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Welcome to Lyndoch Primary


Lyndoch Primary School is in the town of Lyndoch, situated approximately 14 km east of Gawler and 75 km from Adelaide in South Australia.


Lyndoch was established essentially as a mining town for local gold and copper mines.


Lyndoch Primary School was first established in 1875 as a private school and was registered as a public school in 1877. At that time it was located on the corner of Foster and King Street. In 1879 the school was moved to its current site on Margaret Street. When the school was first listed as a public school it had 19 students attending. The current number of students is now around 140.


At Lyndoch PS our students understand their role as global citizens who strive to reach their individual potential in any field and thus take control of their own destiny.


Lyndoch Primary School Vision: Achieving Together


The Lyndoch Primary School motto, ‘Achieving Together’, reflects the importance the school places on the collaboration and support of all members of our school community; students, staff, parents and friends and the wider Lyndoch community in ensuring the success of its students.


Lyndoch Primary School Mission


Our mission for Lyndoch Primary School is that our students are active and informed citizens who strive to reach their individual potential through self responsibility.


Lyndoch Primary School Values


Decided in 2012, our values define how we expect those in our school community to relate to each other.




We show respect when we value ourselves, our possessions, our environment and other people. We are also polite, considerate and caring to all people within our community.




We show resilience when we understand our own emotions and when we take positive action to confidently solve problems.




We show collaboration when we act in a friendly manner, recognise and value differences and work together striving for success.


Self responsibility


We show self responsibility when we can be trusted to do things well and when we accept the outcomes for our actions. If we make a mistake we try to fix it, rather than make an excuse.




Based on Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, December, 2008


Last modified: August 2021